Stocking Stuffers for Her (Or Whoever, Really)

Stocking Stuffers for Her (Or Whoever, Really)

Unsure of what to get the ladies (or whoever!) in your life this holiday season? If you're in need of some ideas, take a look at a few of the smaller gifts I'll be giving this year. The following items are fun, budget-friendly, and guaranteed to be loved by all.


For the college-age younger sister: A set of two Himalayan salt shot glasses. After a quiet, month-long Christmas vacation at home with the family, I figured my sister would be in desperate need of a night out upon her return to school. What better way to toast to the new semester than with a shot of tequila? Sculpted from salt extracted from the Himalayan foothills, these shot glasses are uniquely pink and totally reusable. Find them on amazon here.


For the BFFs: One (or all three!) of L'oréal's new clay face masks. With great reviews and a reasonable price ($10 at Walmart), these products make the perfect gift. Each one is formulated to target specific skin-related annoyances whether it be shine, clogged pores, or simply a tired-looking complexion in need of a pick-me-up. Composed of three different clays in addition to Red algae, the rose-colored mask aims to exfoliate dead skin cells while simultaneously unclogging and tightening pores. For those bothered by oil and shine, the Eucalyptus-infused green clay is the way to go, while the dark charcoal mask works to brighten and rejuvenate tired skin. If you find yourself happily under budget this holiday season, consider picking up all three for the friend with combination skin. In my opinion, the best thing about these masks is the fact that you can apply each where it's needed. Tend to break out in your t-zone? Give the rose-colored mask a shot. Cheeks also in need of some brightening? Slap on some charcoal. You get the idea. If you need a bit more convincing check out these masks online.


For the Momma: Origins products.


Okay, so I realize that lotion isn't exactly a huge step up from a candle. But as long as you are willing to cough up some dough, good quality skin products can make an excellent gift for ya momma. Origins is great because it has a wide range of products for both men and women of all ages. For my mom, I picked up a couple of products from their Plantscription line, which includes a super light moisturizer with SPF 25 as well as an anti-aging power serum, which aims to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Also pictured is Origins' Whipped Vanilla Soufflé body and hand lotion. The scent is heavenly, as you might have guessed.


For the girlfriend, family friend, or cousin: A cozy knitted sweater. It's not lame, I promise!!! Everyone loves sweaters. I picked this one up from H&M for around $20 and actually wrapped it up for the wonderful twelve-year-old I currently nanny for. Although I pretty much had this exact sweater in mind while doing my Christmas shopping, I have no problem admitting that giving sweaters as gifts has gotten me out of some serious binds in the past. Let's be real—the holidays are stressful and sometimes the creative juice runs dry by the time you remember your brother's new girlfriend is coming to Christmas Eve. It happens. The good news is that a nice, cozy sweater will save the day, as sweaters always do. It's a personal, yet safe, last-minute gift if need be.


For the mailman/woman, yoga instructor, or hairstylist: Tasty little treats. Around the holidays, I think it's important to remember to show our appreciation for the acquaintances in the background of our lives—people who help us out on a regular basis just by doin' what they do. Accompanied by a hand-written note, truffles, candy, and homemade sweets are perfect little gifts to express your gratitude this season.

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