DIY Aromatherapy Candles

DIY Aromatherapy Candles

This past weekend I channeled my inner Pinterest guru and made my own aromatherapy candles with the help of my friend, Lauren. While a DIY candle-making session was a fun way to spend our Sunday afternoon, our use of top-grade essential oils combined with Lauren's background in art therapy made it much more of an educational learning experience on my end.

A recent Springfield College graduate, Lauren Ciborowski is an Art Therapy Facilitator of Art for Healing at Hartford Hospital's Department of Integrative Medicine. Beginning her internship with the hospital in 2014, she is now an independent contractor, holding various workshops to help promote wellness and healing in patients through hands-on creativity.

During our afternoon together, Lauren explained that by incorporating essential oils into creative activities such as candle-making (or in her most recent workshop—a DIY calming naturopathic play dough activity), patients can promote their own whole-body healing. Although still considered a pseudoscience, a growing amount of research suggests that aromatherapy has the ability to enhance both physical and psychological well-being as long as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils are used. Once extracted from flowers, stems, bark, roots, etc., the aroma of these essential oils can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin for healing purposes.

When it came to choosing the aroma of my own candle, I went with dōTERRA's lavender oil for its supposed calming effect. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety in mind and body, lavender is believed to aid muscle tension, relieve pain, and treat irritated skin. For added fragrance and a little bit of color, I also sprinkled in some rose petals and other dried flowers before the wax solidified.

If you'd like to give this therapeutic project a shot, scroll down for a list of supplies, a link for directions, and of course, some cute lil photos of our end result. To learn more about Lauren and her role within Hartford Hospital's Art for Healing Program, click here!

img_2858img_2862img_0173img_2871img_0169img_0163Processed with VSCO with 5 preset


Soy wax flakes (Lauren purchased a ten pound bag on amazon)

Candle wicks (I picked up a couple of these at Michael's)

Super glue or a hot glue gun

Measuring cup (placed in pot of boiling water to melt wax)

Thermometer (although we just winged it)

Old spoon (for stirring wax)

dōTERRA Essential Oils of your choice

Dried flowers (optional)

Mason jars


Directions can be found here, thanks to Tanya of Dans le Lakehouse.


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